Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 Comic-Con, San Diego.

Aaaahhh... the Dorm Revival that is Comic-Con. Just when you thought that you and your friends were already very close, you get to share something like this to take the relationship to that next level.  Actually - Brett, Nate and Rassamee were all very splendid as roommates.

Nate took us up to the roof of the Marriott Gaslamp at the Altitude Sky Lounge to meet the Steambot Studios people  for the reveal of their book - SPARK.  If you haven't checked it out already you should - it's full of great speed-painting tutorials and awesome digital art. They're a splendid bunch of folks.
Rassamee joined us later for dinner, it was good times.

Nate Storm... obviously terrified by the scariest movie ever: Shrek.
Me and Brett Nienburg. Paintin'...maxin' ...relaxin'. (Brett's mostly maxin')
Posting this made me reminisce about some other art-trips with friends in the past --- like 2008's REVELATIONS Workshop in Seattle and 2006's INSOMANIA Workshop in San Francisco.
Ray and I in San Francisco - 2006
Tom in Seattle 2008. Sexaaaaay.
Ray's illustration board.
Jim, Nate and Ray. For serious.
Me, Brett Nienburg and Cole Eggen in the Space Needle.
(Nate Storm and Tom Rasch were present, but not pictured)

"They're coming to get you Barbara!"
Nate Storm, Jim Stigall, Me, Ray Lederer, & Cole Eggen (spliced-in)