Friday, July 13, 2012

Light Studies & Environments

Here are some studies... The first two are live figure sittings, the Italian Island is from photo reference, the night street scene was a live sitting from inside a 24 hour cafe in Denver, and the last 3 (Desert Docking Station, Mars Mechanic, and Thai Tunnel) were fun practice pieces done from the hip. (TT used some photo ref).     


  1. BOUT FREAKIN' TIME!!! hehe, glad you posted stuff. I was about to write you an irate letter, pointing out how you missed your tree day mark by 2yrs :)

    Some stunning paintings you got there. MORE!

  2. Haha! Thanks James! Yeah - this blog sat dormant for quite some time, huh? haha W'hoops! I can't believe you ever gave it another chance! Thanks again! Yes, more soon. Probably a condensed review of 'never-before-seen' from the last few years before posting anything new.